09 Sep 2016

Comodo SSL Trustlogo installation on site

How to solve Trustlogo popup scrolling issues and no information message.

09 Sep 2016

Comodo is a pretty popular SSL provider and our client decided to purchase certificate there.

They also wanted to install Trustlogo icon with a popup that shows info about domain.

Usually, you can use the quick setup from Comodo – https://ssl.comodo.com/free-trust-logo.php


  1. download TrustLogo / use your custom logo.
  2. Add this code before your </head> closing tag
  3. Add this at the final location on the page before </body> closing tag

    Please, note that https://example.com/trustlogo.jpg should be changed on the real absolute URL of the TrustLogo on your server

Of course I got a few problems.

First, I got the text – “IdAuthority™ Credentials are NOT available for this site”. This is fine for your local server, as no valid domain is supplied to Comodo. The issue appeared on a dev/live sites on client domains as well, and this is not fine, totally.

The reason is in this line of code:

Comodo support team quickly replied on the raised ticket that I used wrong certificate type – CL1. They recommended change this to SC2.

Ok, popup now shown (yay!)


Wait, why I see the scrollbars?

Iframe content is wider than iframe itself (weirdo). So CSS/JS hacks won’t work here, and they seem ridiculuos to me to be applied on the out-of-the-box widget. No main site styles collisions here as well.

Luckily, I had a fellow developer in contact who successfully installed TrustLogo on his site – just use SC5 instead of SC2.

The final code will be

And now the widget is shown without any issues.

Hope that saved some time for you!

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