Canyon Site Relaunch

Brightness, progress and simplicity.

Canyon is a dynamic worldwide brand that offers a wide range of multimedia appliances, mobile accessories, and computer peripherals designed for youth.

After successful launch of Canyon Gaming site UI Arts was chosen for a full main site relaunch.


Canyon has lots and lots of content that needs to be at place – drivers, user guides, products, categories, static pages, news… And all of these in 8 languages!

That was a pretty tricky request, as some of the data was adjusted specifically for old design – inline HTML, CSS was used directly in data fields.

So we started to think it over. And the solution appeared pretty fast – make a modular template. I.e. we do out best to make free-of-content-relation templates.

Flexibility of blocks, no direct dependency on what is used in the data field were our mottos at the development stage.

As for design, UI Arts was asked to create something fresh, eye catching, full of colour, and still simple.

After some research we ended up on modified flat design pattern. You can see large typography on the title sections. Single tone colour fills for background are combined with detailed product photos.

Nothing is small or hidden. Everything is apparent and clear.

It was not an easy job to combine style suitable for both young geeks and gamers and not so progressive product distributors.

Also we increased Google Page Speed rank from 39 points for mobile and 43 for PC to 77 points for mobile and 88 points for PC. It was not even in our tasks but UI Arts always give its customers bigger and better than something standart.

We hope all customers will enjoy our elaborated interface and UX for PC or mobile devices. And Canyon will get even bigger loyalty and new brand fans.


Boffin is a Ukrainian startup in oil market data analytics.

UI Arts provided full-cycle development services from its very beginning.

Every data analytics project requires well-thought backend architecture. And what a startup doesn’t have constant changes and updates?

Hence we passed the way from simple analytic processing functions for data to complex reindexing, data importing and rendering algorithms.

Our main backend challenges lie within data caching and processing.

Database has loads of source data and customers apply variety of content and date filters on it. As a result we applied advanced database and query caching technologies along with indexing tables for pre-cached results.

Also we gained extensive RESTful API experience. Since UI Arts is developing React Native iOS app and had to create secured data-endpoints.


Pactum is brand new Ukrainian law firm.

Since it provides top-notch European quality services for their clients Pactum needed to reflect this in their site.

UI Arts presented a concept of modern site in a flat design style.

Large text, headings, simple colors and intensive imagery use distinguish Pactum from typical Law firms. In a dynamic modern world being too traditional means being out-of-date. Pactum keeps best client service practices as one of a few traditions.


Artfinbrok is an online financial guarantee service.

UI Arts brought business owners’ concept alive. From prototyping to launch and technical maintenance.

At the beginning Artfinbrok was planned to be a simple corporate site.

But with time past the idea got bigger and the concept became personal financial service.

Functionality features online quote calculation and form submit; personal account with tracked quote statuses, documents etc.; online payment and payment history; PDF forms printing for all steps.

Also we have encountered an interesting task – to create API integration with online trading platform. Users can participate in tenders providing guarantee from Artfinbrok. And both site should share some sensitive customer information.

We have created encrypted API for Merchants providing guarantee and personal data details exchange.

Twinbody Social App

Twinbody is a social platform to target, track and share diet experience with similar people.

Our responsibility was to create its UI design and put it into frontend codes.

It is a startup so Client was concerned that agency delivers smooth and consistent product.

We developed a styleguide where designer grouped all typical UI elements and typography guidelines.

Any developer in future can be aware of how app should like.

Index page is always challenging for a startup – new users should be attracted to sign up and try new product.

Main objective was to attract people interested in sports and dieting not in agressive way (using fitness models, pro athletes etc.).

We picked warm and calm branded colours and pure white for main UI elements.

Some of best practices were used to create simple yet functional news feed.

It is one of the main pages where people will get to know each other and share their news, achievements etc.

We managed to make it smooth and dynamic however go away from messy grids.

In the end client was totally happy with light colour scheme and modern responsive layout that minified time required to start at multiple platforms.

Canyon Gaming Promo Site

Canyon is an international company selling various gadgets and computer accessoires.

They opted to UI Arts Gaming site production.

Main purpose of site is to promote Gaming section of products – mice and keyboards.

Inspired by gaming UIs, we created website that will resonate with gamers expectations towards products closely connected with their passion – playing games.

It was not an easy task to create site and UI reach on graphic elements from sci-fi setting and to keep layout responsive and good looking across all devices.

Another feature was 360 degrees widget on product page, that allow you to browse product from different angles and in different colours.

We built site on WordPress, extending it for purpose of representing products online like ecommerce solution, but without checkout step.