LPG Car – company animatic commerical

Animatics has become something vital for startups.

Since we have experience here (check out portfolio – https://vimeo.com/180220106) UI Arts was chosen for a new demo video production for Ukrainian startup “LPG Car”.

LPG Car provides rankings and price data for LPG gas stations in Ukraine.

Also they have nitty apps and money saving tips and analytics.

Our mission was catch the viewer attention and tell him or her that LPG Car solves their everyday’s problems easily.

As a result we made a brand message clear, focused on its main features and told the story in a simple way.

Client used this video was on a landing page and pitching presentations for partners and investors.

Timelapse and corporate promo

UI Arts recently had a chance to depict construction of a OLX office by Lemon Construction.

Extremely professional management of our client company helped a lot to make this video look like you can see it now. They were full of ideas and provided assistance an every step.

Initially, the plan was just to make a timelapse of construction process for OLX office opening. OLX is a big international IT company that hired Lemon Construction to relocate company into a brand new office.

But with a time past and the more material we get the more ideas were coming up with this video. And, finally, we decided to make it full promo of a company.

You could not only see enormous work done by Lemon Construction on this project, but what a beatiful location is the new office building on Kyiv hills.

MyFuel animated video

MyFuel is a Ukrainian startup in the oil industry.

About a year ago we prepared this short animated explainer video.

The essence of it is to connect people to get cheaper fuel via group purchases directly from big gas suppliers.


UI Arts was so inspired working on this project as we had a full creative freedom here.

The video was made for both MyFuel’s landing page and pitching presentations for partners and investors.

As a result we got pleased client and positive feedback from the target audience. All the stakeholders admired simplicity and said video shaw the core features of the startup better than 10-minutes speech.

Social Video

Dum spiro spero (I hope untill I breathe) is a social video devoted to problem of youth unemployment.

Film was created to help finding trust in oneself and overcome young people’s passiveness.

Each one has something to live for that will give him forces to survive the toughest moments of life.

We created this video with small team of associate people and production was completed within 2 days.

Editing and post-production was done with the help of Adobe Premiere and After Effects withing 2 weeks.

We got a positive feedback from many people. Some even said they were just in same situation as we narrated in video, and they like this video came up earlier to get some support.