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Canyon Site Relaunch

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Brightness, progress and simplicity.

Canyon is a dynamic worldwide brand that offers a wide range of multimedia appliances, mobile accessories, and computer peripherals designed for youth.

After successful launch of Canyon Gaming site UI Arts was chosen for a full main site relaunch.


Canyon has lots and lots of content that needs to be at place – drivers, user guides, products, categories, static pages, news… And all of these in 8 languages!

That was a pretty tricky request, as some of the data was adjusted specifically for old design – inline HTML, CSS was used directly in data fields.

So we started to think it over. And the solution appeared pretty fast – make a modular template. I.e. we do out best to make free-of-content-relation templates.

Flexibility of blocks, no direct dependency on what is used in the data field were our mottos at the development stage.

As for design, UI Arts was asked to create something fresh, eye catching, full of colour, and still simple.

After some research we ended up on modified flat design pattern. You can see large typography on the title sections. Single tone colour fills for background are combined with detailed product photos.

Nothing is small or hidden. Everything is apparent and clear.

It was not an easy job to combine style suitable for both young geeks and gamers and not so progressive product distributors.

Also we increased Google Page Speed rank from 39 points for mobile and 43 for PC to 77 points for mobile and 88 points for PC. It was not even in our tasks but UI Arts always give its customers bigger and better than something standart.

We hope all customers will enjoy our elaborated interface and UX for PC or mobile devices. And Canyon will get even bigger loyalty and new brand fans.

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