LPG Car – company animatic commerical
project name

LPG Car – company animatic commerical

  • Client:

    My Fuel

  • Our Role:

    Video Production/Postproduction

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Animatics has become something vital for startups.

Since we have experience here (check out portfolio – https://vimeo.com/180220106) UI Arts was chosen for a new demo video production for Ukrainian startup “LPG Car”.

LPG Car provides rankings and price data for LPG gas stations in Ukraine.

Also they have nitty apps and money saving tips and analytics.

Our mission was catch the viewer attention and tell him or her that LPG Car solves their everyday’s problems easily.

As a result we made a brand message clear, focused on its main features and told the story in a simple way.

Client used this video was on a landing page and pitching presentations for partners and investors.