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OneDollarClub is an eCommerce site where everyone can get cheap, fun and (sometimes) useful Chinese products.

Inspired by some of the competitors, OneDollarClub founders decided to make modern and fast eCommerce site.

Why not to pack it with the best marketing tools and use latest technologies on board?

One of our colleagues (Igor Usoltsev) joined the startup team as Frontend Engineer. In addition to standard HTML, CSS and JS routines he researched heavily and developed frontend architecture with project’s perfectly talented CTO.

Igor started with a LESS Bootstrap 3-based out of the box framework. It was almost a year of tons of tweaks and things written from scratch.

The main challenge for rising eCommerce startup is to get a traffic boost convertible to sales. And one of the main points is a fast-rendered error-free frontend.

Hence Igor pursued for organic SEO increase and followed latest Page Speed optimization trends and site got 95-97 points from Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Also he relied on History API heavily for site navigation and product variations browsing without page reloading. Critical CSS method was used for layouts page loading speed boost. Srcset and WebP saved traffic on mobile devices. Microdata integrated layouts makes site indexing by Google faster, and search results look much more relevant that closest competitors’ ones.

Furthemore OneDollarClub was one of the first Ukrainian eCommerce sites that provided real AMP support – codes were written by official guides from scratch using Google native AMP components, not just wrapping piles of old codes in a modern wrapper.

As a result now startup is nicely supported across the full range of responsive devices (the stress was made to look perfect on Google mobile search), looks trendy and fancy and is enormously fast.

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