Twinbody Social App
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Twinbody Social App

Design and frontend for social networking app Twinbody.

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Twinbody is a social platform to target, track and share diet experience with similar people.

Our responsibility was to create its UI design and put it into frontend codes.

It is a startup so Client was concerned that agency delivers smooth and consistent product.

We developed a styleguide where designer grouped all typical UI elements and typography guidelines.

Any developer in future can be aware of how app should like.

Index page is always challenging for a startup – new users should be attracted to sign up and try new product.

Main objective was to attract people interested in sports and dieting not in agressive way (using fitness models, pro athletes etc.).

We picked warm and calm branded colours and pure white for main UI elements.

Some of best practices were used to create simple yet functional news feed.

It is one of the main pages where people will get to know each other and share their news, achievements etc.

We managed to make it smooth and dynamic however go away from messy grids.

In the end client was totally happy with light colour scheme and modern responsive layout that minified time required to start at multiple platforms.

Twinbody Homepage

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Styleguide Colour Information

Styleguide Typography Information

Styleguide UI Guidelines